Hot Rod Hearse Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Herman

Yes absolutely it is!  Great care and consideration has been given with the hot rod build and functionality.  This includes an extensive stainless steel traditional roller system in the rear cabin and upward opening rear door

Absolutely!  We are here to accommodate your wishes as best we can.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas and want to make your experience with Herman as memorable, gentle or grand as you wish!

Taking a tour with your loved one on board is no issue at all.  We’ll do all we can to incorporate these kinds of special requests.

Yes, absolutely!  We are proud to show off our hearse and it can be driven on request with the bonnet cover removed (if possible on the day).

Well why not, and we say let’s break with tradition!  After all who says that a hearse always needs to be driven slowly!  We hope you understand though that driving style will be at our discretion and depends on varying factors.

It sure is!  While Herman started out as an old chassis and body, he is now a state-of-the art as new vehicle.   The Hot Rod is fully registered, and road worthied, with the build being overseen by our talented and qualified Engineer Jeff. 

Yes he can.  Consideration will be given to these requests at our discretion.

We highly respect individuals, our hearse and the funeral industry.

We will consider these requests and do our best to meet the needs of our client